SR 273 Multimodal Corridor Plan

The highway shield for State Route 273SRTA was awarded a Caltrans Strategic Partnerships Grant of $500,000 for the State Route (SR) 273 Northern Section Multimodal Corridor (NSMC) Plan. The plan will evaluate needs and prioritize projects on the segment between Canyon Road and I-5. Caltrans District 2 has received a tentative award of $500,000 to study the remainder of the corridor.

In coordination with SRTA, Caltrans District 2 (D2) applied for, and received, a $500,000 Special Studies grant to fund a similar effort on SR 273 between Canyon Road and the southern terminus at I-5 (roughly 7 miles).  SRTA and Caltrans D2 are now seeking to consolidate funds from the two grants under one procurement to minimize overhead costs and to ensure coordination and consistency between the two projects.  This combined effort will be known as the SR 273 Multimodal Corridor Plan. 

Through this planning process, SRTA aims to reduce mobility barriers for people and goods, enhance safety for all users, improve transit opportunities, and strengthen the resiliency against extreme weather events. Given the corridor’s regional significance, the effort will require considerable outreach to and input from local jurisdictions, stakeholders, and the general public. The grant award includes resources for targeted outreach to disadvantaged communities. 

SRTA issued an RFP for consultant services to prepare this plan on January 24.  The procurement closed on March 14.  The contract was taken to the board for approval at the April 28, 2022 board meeting and approved.  SRTA finalized a joint-powers agreement with Caltrans to define roles and responsibilities on November 15, 2022 and the contract with GHD to provide consultant services has finalized on December 9, 2022.  Major work on the planning effort began in January 2023. A project website will be launched shortly. 

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