ResilientShasta Transportation Vulnerability Assessment

The cover page of the ResilientShasta Vulnerability Assessment. The draft ResilientShasta Transportation Vulnerability Assessment is out for your review! We have two versions available for download (same content, just an option for a smaller file size for people on slower connections). 

The vulnerability assessment identifies current vulnerabilities based on historic events and evaluates future vulnerabilities based on two different scenarios: one where greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions peak around 2040 and then decline another where GHG emissions continue to rise throughout the 20th century. 

The assessment suggests the Shasta Region will experience more frequent and more severe extreme weather events in the coming years and decades. Five weather hazards have been identified and evaluated: temperature and heat waves, wildfire, precipitation, flooding, and landslides. SRTA is currently preparing online maps that will allow the public to explore the findings in detail. 

The vulnerability assessment will be presented to the SRTA board of directors at its regular meeting on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 at 3 p.m. Public comment is welcome!