ATP Cycle 5 Funding for Shasta Region


Victor Ave & Cypress Ave Active Transportation (VCAT) Project - Recommended for $7.8 Million in ATP Funding

VCATThis project has been identified as a high-priority and strategic corridor to create safe and accessible connections in a community suffering from high rates of pedestrian- and bicycle-involved collisions.

Victor Avenue - The project will construct shared use paths (SUPs), sidewalks, curb/gutter/curb ramps, and bike lanes (including 2’-wide buffers and parking protection), and enhance two intersections (protected and roundabout intersections). 

Cypress Avenue - The project will construct sidewalks, curb/gutter/curb extensions, and bike lanes.

Alfreda Way - The project will construct sidewalk, curb/gutter, and a SUP through an open space to Del Monte Street, providing bicyclists and pedestrians with a path separate from surrounding heavily trafficked streets. 

The project will provide direct access to two elementary schools, a regional park, and commercial job centers through safe and comfortable active transportation facilities. The project will also provide outreach, safety courses, and skills events in partnership with the local health department, law enforcement, and schools to increase safe participation in biking and walking.

VCAT Drawings

Turtle Bay to Downtown Gap Completion Project - Recommended for $2.6 Million in ATP Funding

TurtleBayThis project will complete a series of initiatives to connect the City of Redding’s Turtle Bay area (a civic and commercial recreational area located immediately south of the Sundial Bridge), the Sacramento River Trail System, and the amenity-rich downtown area that is primed to become a walkable and bikeable commercial and civic hub in the city.

In this downtown Redding project area, reliance on active commuting is exceptionally high. This project will improve safety and connectivity which may translate into economic, transportation, and social benefits. The region will also benefit from the project’s connection to housing, employment, schools, shopping, hospitals, medical services, public services, parks, recreational trails, and regional transit. The project also includes significant outreach to nearby schools to encourage safe walking and biking.

Specific project elements include:  buffered 2-way cycle track; 14' shared use path; raised intersection with bulbout/curb extensions, bollards, lane reductions; raised crosswalks with bike/ped separations; and new landscaping and shade trees to create a welcoming and safe connection to and through the Turtle Bay area.

Turtle Bay to Downtown Gap Completion Project

Cottonwood Active Transportation Trunk Line Express (CATTLE) Network - Recommended for up to $14.2 Million in ATP Funding

The Cottonwood Active Transportation Trunk Line Express (CATTLE) Network is a continuous active transportation network connecting Cottonwood residents to vital local resources and links a community divided by Interstate 5. The CATTLE Network creates mobility options by connecting neighborhoods to West Cottonwood School, Cottonwood Community Center, Little League Fields, Holiday Market, Cottonwood Creek Charter School, Cottonwood Library, Shasta Head Start (daycare services), and Cottonwood's historic downtown, all with low-stress facilities.   Improvements along parts of Main, Brush, and Front Streets will be funded as a stand-alone project within the CATTLE Network by the Shasta Regional Transportation Agency.

The network includes a shared-use path up to 12' with xeriscaped buffer, 6’-10’ sidewalks, 6’ pedestrian paths, curbed bulbouts, bicycle boulevards, ADA ramps, high-visibility crosswalks, bicycle crossings, Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons, and pedestrian lighting.  The improvements remove right-turn, slip lane, freeway ramps; reduce crossing distances; provide separation from vehicles; and illuminate active transportation routes and conflict zones.  The project also proposes education and encouragement programs.  All together, these improvements create a community-wide, interconnected, safe, comfortable, and intuitive walking and bicycling network for Cottonwood.

CATTLE Network Drawings  (These conceptual drawings offer a glimpse of the proposed project.  Project details still need to be refined in community design review committee meetings.)