Participating in a Zoom Meeting

SRTA uses Zoom Webinars and Meetings for remote participation.

  • SRTA Board of Directors Meetings -- Our board of directors meetings are held in person, but we currently offer the ability to participate remotely as well.  If you’d like to participate in our board of directors meeting(s) remotely via Zoom, please join by following the instructions on the agenda.
    • Once you’re in the meeting, public comments and questions will be accepted by chat, emails to, or by using the "raise hand" feature in Zoom. If you are listening to the meeting by telephone (not the app), press *9 (star nine) to raise your hand.
  • Other SRTA Webinars/Meetings -- If you'd like to participate in another webinar or meeting that SRTA hosts, please join based on the information provided in the invitation or announcement.
    • Public comments and questions for these one-off meetings will be determined by the staff hosting the webinar or meeting.