A triptych showing three different extreme weather events (snow, wildfire, and flooding).

Latest News:

The final draft of the ResilientShasta Extreme Climate Event Mobility and Adaptation Plan was accepted by the SRTA Board of Directors at the April 28, 2022 meeting and is now available online!

Download the ResilientShasta Plan:

What Is ResilientShasta?

The ResilientShasta Extreme Climate Event Mobility and Adaptation Plan. The plan has identified ways to help improve the safety, resiliency, and efficiency of our regional transportation system in the face of climate change extreme weather events.

The ResilientShasta project included opportunities for stakeholder collaboration; developing “lessons learned” from recent wildfire, flood, and snow events; and addressing needs of vulnerable populations, such as the elderly and disabled. One area of particular interest is how we can improve and manage the regional transportation system to optimize the efficiency and safety of evacuation routes, emergency ingress, and detours during emergencies.

The report was developed into a two-step process.  The first was to develop a vulnerability assessment to identify future vulnerabilities in two different possible scenarios. Once these vulnerabilities were identified and evaluated, an adaptation plan  was developed to provide practical strategies for mitigating those impacts.

After integrating stakeholder feedback, staff combined the draft documents into a final report that was presented to the SRTA board of directors for adoption at the April 28, 2022 Board of Directors meeting. 

How Was ResilientShasta Funded?

The Shasta Regional Transportation Agency (SRTA) was awarded a Caltrans Transportation Planning Grant in May 2019 that is funding the majority of the effort. 

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