State of Good Repair Program

The State of Good Repair (SGR) Program is a noncompetitive, formula-based program included under Senate Bill 1:  The Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 (Beall and Frazier).   Funds are deposited into the State Transit Assistance (STA) account and then distributed to regional transportation agencies using the STA Program formula, with half of the SGR funds being allocated according to population (Public Utilities Code (PUC) 99313) and half of the SGR funds allocated according to transit operator revenues (PUC 99314).

The goal of the SGR Program is to provide funding for capital assistance in rehabilitating, modernizing, and maintaining California’s existing local transit systems in a state of good repair.  These investments will result in transit vehicle fleets that are more reliable and safe, and emit less greenhouse gases and other pollutants.  Example projects include replacement of Burney Express Service vehicles and the purchase of low-emission vehicles to improve regional transit services.

Additional Information

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SGR Funding for the Shasta Region

Program FY 17/18 FY 18/19 FY 19/20 FY 20/21 FY 21/22
SGR $252,200 $235,099 $240,943 $247,930 $262,906