Zero-Emission Vehicles and Infrastructure Planning

The transportation industry, including how we fuel our vehicles is steadily changing.  Since the early 2000s, cutting-edge vehicle manufacturers sought to change the transportation industry by providing vehicles run on alternative fuels (i.e. bio-diesel, battery-electric, propane, hydrogen) to everyone.  Nearly every major vehicle manufacturer has announced plans to provide several alternative-fueled vehicles for the public between 2022 and 2035.  Most of these are battery-electric vehicles.

This change in the transportation industry is also being supported by various federal and state government agency programs dedicated to encouraging investment in alternative fuel vehicles and supporting infrastructure.  Various policies have been created at the national and state level to transition us away from gas and diesel-fueled vehicles to zero-emission vehicles.  This presents both opportunities and major challenges for cities, counties, utilities, and just about everyone.  SRTA's role, as the metropolitan planning organization for the Shasta Region, is primarily focused on the following aspects for zero-emission vehicles and infrastructure:

  • Provide data and information relevant to local and regional partners (i.e., planning and public works departments, utilities, public transportation providers) and the general public.
  • Work with parties interested in applying for federal/state infrastructure grants for zero-emission stations (i.e., battery-electric and hydrogen) and provide letters of support.
  • Work with regional partners to get regionally significant corridors designated as national and state "alternative fuel corridors" for the purposes of receiving funds and investment.
  • Continue to pursue efforts to start and operate the Salmon Runner intercity bus service as a zero-emission fleet.
  • Work with regional public transit providers on developing zero-emission fleet rollout plans, as required under California's Innovative Clean Transit (ICT) rule.
  • Conduct planning studies as needed.

The information on the subpages provides updates on key activities SRTA has participated in or is working on. 

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