Shasta Coordinated Transportation Plan

In June of 2023, SRTA started updating the Shasta Coordinated Transportation Plan (SCTP), last updated in 2017. The Coordinated Plan is a list of strategies to improve mobility for transit dependent residents in the region. The plan is developed through a process that includes representatives of the public transit system, private transportation, non-profit transportation, and human services providers, as well as participation by members of the general public. The main goal for this update is to identify what worked well in our previous recommended strategies and how we can improve upon new gaps and challenges.

SRTA, in association with LSC consultants, is working on developing the Coordinated Plan which is expected to have its final draft adopted by April of 2024. The following timeline gives a rough estimate of where we are in the planning process and how you can help!

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Relevant Resources:

Coordinated Plan Fact Sheet (English) (Spanish)

Workshop #1: Invitation (Spanish), PowerPoint, Live Recording

Workshop #2:Invitation (Spanish & Hmong) 

Technical Memo #1 Here

Technical Memo #2 Here

2017 Shasta Coordinated Transportation Plan Here

RABA Bus on Court Crossing Sacto River w- Train Trestle in Background

SRTA Staff Contacts:

Keith Williams, Senior Transportation Planner

Laurent Beauregard, Assistant Transportation Planner

Need-A-Ride Guide:

This resource guide is your tool for paratransit, social service transportation, and regional bus service in the Shasta Region. We are currently in the process of updating this guide. In just a few more months, you will have the most up-to-date transportation brochure in the whole Shasta Region! The current version can be found here!