Planning Terms (J - R)

The Transportation Planning Dictionary provides definitions to transportation planning's most curious acronyms and jargon.

  • LTF (Local Transportation Funds) - One of two fund sources provided under TDA.  LTF is one quarter of one cent of sales tax returned to the county of origin for primarily public transportation use.
  • MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) - A legal instrument representing an agreement between governmental entities.
  • MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization) - An organization created by intergovernmental agreement to carry out regional transportation planning responsibilities in urbanized areas (with a population over 50,000) through an Overall Work Program (OWP).  These responsibilities are mandated by the U.S. Department of Transportation as a condition to receive federal planning funds.
  • OWP (Overall Work Program) - An annual program of planning projects required to be accomplished by each MPO.  The OWP specifies the scope of each planning element, the parties responsible, as well as funding sources and amounts.
  • RABA (Redding Area Bus Authority) - A public transit authority governed by a board of elected officials from the cities of Anderson, Redding, and Shasta Lake, and the county of Shasta.  RABA derives its authority from a joint powers agreement between the cities and county and from a ballot measure passed in the November 1977 general election.
  • RTIP (Regional Transportation Improvement Program) - This is a phased, multi-year program of planned transportation improvement projects arranged by priority, describing each project, funding amounts and sources and time frame.  Projects nominated for funding are approved by the California Transportation Commission.  The RTIP is used at the state and federal levels to compile the STIP and FTIP and assign relative priorities.
  • RTP (Regional Transportation Plan) - A coordinated planning effort of local agencies that identifies and attempts to resolve regional transportation issues.  State law requires each RTPA to prepare, adopt, and submit an RTP every five years.
  • RTPA (Regional Transportation Planning Agency) - SRTA is the state-designated RTPA for Shasta County, overseeing the development of transportation plans and programs, in consultation with local agencies, intergovernmental partners, and the public.