Affordable Housing & Sustainable Communites

The Strategic Growth Council’s Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program funds land-use, housing, transportation, and land preservation projects to support infill and compact development that reduces greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions. These projects facilitate the reduction of the emissions of GHGs by improving mobility options and increasing infill development, which decrease vehicle miles traveled and associated greenhouse gas and other emissions, and by reducing land conversion, which would result in emissions of greenhouse gases.

Projects are also to support related and coordinated public policy objectives, including:
1. Reducing air pollution
2. Improving conditions in disadvantaged communities
3. Supporting or improving public health
4. Improving connectivity and accessibility to jobs, housing and services
5. Increasing options for mobility, including active transportation
6. Increasing transit ridership
7. Preserving and developing affordable housing for lower income households
8. Protecting agricultural lands to support infill development