Strategic Growth Council (SGC) Grants

Affordable Housing & Sustainable Communities Program

The California Strategic Growth Council’s Affordable Housing & Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Program provides funding for infill and redevelopment housing projects, housing-related infrastructure projects, and sustainable transportation infrastructure projects that result in a reduction of  vehicle miles travelled and associated greenhouse gas emissions.  Additional desirable benefits include: reduced air pollution; enhanced public health and well-being; equitable access to jobs, housing, and essential services; increased mobility options; access to affordable housing; and the preservation of lands vital to California’s agricultural industries.  

Acquiring these and similar other grant funds for transportation-efficient land use and multi-modal transportation infrastructure is critical to achieving the vision and goals of the adopted Regional Transportation Plan for the Shasta Region.  SRTA has developed an Infill & Redevelopment Incentive Program to cultivate joint public-private sector project proposals.  Incentives provided include funding for pre-development and grant writing technical assistance.  
 To discuss projects ideas and pre-development incentives, please contact:

Keith Williams, Senior Planner

Shasta Regional Transportation Agency


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