Active Transportation Program (ATP)

The Active Transportation Program (ATP) was created by Senate Bill 99 to encourage increased use of active modes of transportation, such as walking and biking.

The goals of the ATP include, but are not limited to:

  • Increasing the proportion of trips accomplished by walking and biking, 
  • Increasing the safety and mobility of non-motorized users, 
  • Advancing efforts of regional agencies to achieve greenhouse gas reduction goals, 
  • Enhancing public health, and 
  • Providing a broad spectrum of projects to benefit many types of users including disadvantaged communities.

SRTA submitted an ATP Cycle 5 grant application in the hopes of securing $19.5 million to build the North Redding Active Transportation Trunk Line (NRATTL). This was the most competitive ATP cycle yet, and despite scoring very well, the NRATTL was not awarded funding. Click the following link for more application details.  Please note the large file size (0.3GB).  

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