Southern Region Transportation Planning Study & Traffic Impact Fee Program

The Shasta County Southern Region Transportation Planning Study and Traffic Impact Fee Program was a study conducted in 2006 to evaluate future planning needs for the southern region of Shasta County. Planning an efficient and affordable transportation system to alleviate existing traffic congestion and support future development within the Shasta County Southern Region was the primary focus of this area-wide transportation planning analysis. This study focused on the need for future north/south and east/west arterials within the Southern Region, along with specific analysis of Rhonda Road, Gas Point Road, First Street, and Main Street.

Without this comprehensive study, future transportation improvements within the Shasta County Southern Region would remain unorganized and without a framework for interconnection. Over time, increased development within the Shasta County Southern Region will create more auto, truck, and pedestrian traffic, all using the existing limited transportation infrastructure. This study helped provide a planning framework for the necessary transportation improvements that will enable the Southern Region to grow and develop in a logical and efficient manner, with infrastructure that emphasizes safety and multi-modal transportation opportunities.

Project Study Documents

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