What We Do

SRTA is a regional transportation planning agency and, as such, makes decisions that provide transportation solutions for the region.  Different local, state, and federal priorities must be melded together; automobiles, public transportation, bicyclists, pedestrians, and freight haulers each have unique and sometimes conflicting needs.  SRTA is unique in government because it shapes communities solely through investments and support; SRTA neither possesses nor desires enforcement powers.  Because SRTA represents and regards all jurisdictions equally, SRTA provides a true regional forum for city and county governments to work together with key partners, such as Caltrans, to address regional transportation needs; needs that often transcend political boundaries, but are no less important to our citizens.  

If what SRTA does still sounds a little mysterious, consider these recent projects developed or funded by SRTA:

  • State Route 44 Dana-to-Downtown Freeway Widening
  • I-5 South Redding Six-lane Project
  • I-5 Cottonwood Hills Truck Climbing Lane
  • I-5 Deschutes Road off-ramp and roundabout
  • Redding Area Bus Authority Public Transit
  • East Redding Bike Lane Project
  • Local Road Repairs ($4.5 million annually)
  • ShastaFORWARD>> Regional Blueprint

SRTA Agency Report

For a summary of SRTA's latest projects and initiatives, see our Winter 2021 Ways and Means report. 

Shasta Regional Government Forum

Watch highlights from the Shasta Regional Government Forum.

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